What is it?

Caritas is a retreat experience that has helped hundreds of people explore God's love and voice in their lives through relationships with those around them. This retreat, grounded on Ignatian spirituality, will be guided by a team led by Fr. Tri M. Dinh, a number of Jesuits and lay ministers. You can find more information here.

Are you looking to...

... get away to reflect on your personal relationships & their meanings?
... get more out of your faith along with other young adults in their mid-20’s and 30’s?
... reignite your passion in life?
... encounter God’s love in a whole new way?

Join other young adults for a retreat focused on important and significant relationships - with God, yourself, and others.

The retreat format integrates presentations, prayer, and conversation based on topics like following:

~ Longing to Love and be Loved
~ Love Chooses Me?
~ Love and Sexuality
~ Love and its 10,000 Imitations

Come experience a weekend that you will remember!

Who is it for?

Anyone 22-40 years old

When is it?

It will take place
Friday, Sept. 30 (4 PM) - Monday, Oct. 3 (4 PM), 2011

Where's the retreat?

At a spacious 70 acres retreat center located in a quiet neighborhood just outside of downtown, with one of Houston´s most beautiful chapels.

Villa De Matel
6510 Lawndale St
Houston, TX 77023-3913

How much will it cost?

Please mail a check for $140 to Ann Nguyen to reserve your spot.
11510 Briar Rose Drive
Houston, TX 77077

Have a Question?

If you want more information, or have any comments, questions & concerns, or if there are financial matters you're dealing with please don't hesitate to call Annie Tan at 832.356.8311 (832.3LOVE11) or email

Are You Interested?

Please take time to complete the following section and send in your answers by submitting the form or below. We would like to get to know you better in order to tailor the program to better meet your needs. Please be as honest and thorough as possible in your answers.

Space is limited so please register as soon as possible.

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